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    kongsviktinden Heftig topptur på kongsviktinden

With Anna Rogde


16.-18. March arranges Satellite fly of Harstad summit weekend in cooperation with the schooner Anna Rogde and Lofoten.com.

Satellite fly is one of the few sports stores in the region that specializes in winter backcountry gear, and has special expertise in this area in addition to including angling and cycling. They arranged backcountry camper for several years past, but not in 2011 and this year they wanted to do something different. What was more natural to find than to ally themselves with what is probably the world's oldest schooner, Anna Rogde and that addition she is located in Harstad?

Anna Rogde was launched in 1868 and carried passengers for over 100 years without interruption since. Now she is owned by stifltelsen Anna Rogde, but are operated by South Troms Museum in collaboration with Anna Rogde friends, providing crew. One of the concepts Anna Rogde currently focusing on is just "Ski & Sail", ie backcountry enthusiasts traveling by boat and climb mountains, preferably not accessible by car. This is a concept that has had great success in many places, and in this country especially in the Lyngen Alps.


Vika Hall, where the ascent starts.

This weekend, thus providing the local backcountry enthusiasts experience the "Ski & Sail" concept. With a capacity of 60 people, there are many who will go on tour, but after waiting lists to judge could have possibly had two schooners. The boat goes from Harstad early Saturday morning and set sail for Rolla in Ibestad municipality. You should all go ashore in Hall Vika, a bay just north of Mount Rolla. Rolla is 926 meters high and from there will go on tour over back to top Lasselitinden of 896 meters. From there it is a wonderful descent down to Big River that leads the gang summit to the sea and Anna Rogde, where good food and drinks await the participants when they arrived safely on board.


Route description. The dotted line towards Brustindvatnet is for the super fit that time to take a second trip before the descent to the Great River.

Friday starts the weekend in the auditorium of Harstad with the lectures of North Espen Dahl, well known guide and author from Tromsø. He has written the book "Tops in Troms" and keeps happily talks about including landslides and security as well this time. Sunday is not locked to any particular trip. The objective of the program Friday and Saturday though is that more people will become familiar with each other, and that friendships should be connected between the new and old backcountry enthusiasts. Based on this plan the next day's trip, but it will not be with Anna Rogde. Then it maybe on the second voyage ..


It has anyone got to the equipment and is ready to go. In such large groups as it is on such trips will be added up to walk in groups with at least one guide in each pool.

Lofoten.com has been involved in planning the trip with Satellite fly and Anna Rogde. We will also participate in the trip and come back with the article from the weekend. The images are linked to the current article is from a previous tour with Anna Rogde.


Rolla upper right image border, while Lasselitinden descent and from there can be seen to the left .


From the top of Rolla, Tjeldsundbrua can be seen in the lower right image edge.