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    En opplevelse for livet
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    kongsviktinden En heftig topptur på kongsviktinden
  • kongsviktinden
    kongsviktinden Heftig topptur på kongsviktinden

When the mountains will be caught


With its marked top and sides extending from the top in several directions so looking Strand peaks like a "real" mountain.

It's Arild Heitmann who says this, known to many of his readers Lofoten.com. He takes pictures that win awards worldwide, and in the fall we have regularly presented several of his pictures in different contexts. Arild residing in Skånland, specifically in Evenskjer. For the locals, he is not only known for taking great pictures! Competent footballer, a fixture at Soif, trainer for 2 barnelag and often seen with a fishing pole on the way to some lakes in summer.

A few days ago decided summit editor Lofoten.com , that the undersigned, decided to take a hike with Arild. After some brief deliberation trip was set up Sunday 20th January. Last year Arild some amazing pictures of the Holy Peak, and to be sure magical images also from Strand Tinden ordered the course ... magical light!

130121helligWorship Before ...

We also ordered the full summit package from Satellite fly of Harstad, for although Arild is often seen also on skis so it is with "normal" snowboarding. With full summit package was considerably heavier equipment, but Arild has good fitness, so apart from that he eventually struggled a bit to know about his feet were still on his body, he had no difficulty climbing almost 1000 meters.

Strand peaks are 1075 meters, the photographer stopped at around 950 meters above sea level, then took a photo of the genes and he remained there, while the editor has overdose summit nerve in the body, and continued all the way up .. 

130121strand8Arild on the rise. (Photo; Fred Åge Hol)

Arild describes the trip as such;

"After arguing us through the twisting forest in steep and rugged terrain followed by traversing the hard and the wind affected snow even steeper terrain, we could eventually face up to the mighty mountain. Slowly but surely took the altitude, while we went zigzagging around and over cliffs and steep mountains. moving in such terrain is simply gleefully on a småskummel way.


When we finally reached the ridge that leads directly up to the top we were greeted by an intense, low-hanging sun. A joyful reunion for me since I had not seen it since last year!


Blowing Snow and veil clouds gave a lovely atmosphere. I think I got a fair amount of usable pictures to say the least. "


For Lofoten.com their part then we at least Arild happily with us on all our trips to come!


Photo: Arild Heitmann (except where credited to others under the picture)
Text; Fred Åge Hol