• En opplevelse for livet
    En opplevelse for livet
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    kongsviktinden En heftig topptur på kongsviktinden
  • kongsviktinden
    kongsviktinden Heftig topptur på kongsviktinden

Steep Driving from Sætertind!


Olav Solberg from Harstad takes a long left turn while he looks beyond Tjeldsundet ..

Sætertindens south side is steep and brutal, and perhaps not the trip you choose when you are new to the backcountry discipline! Get tops can show such a steep curve from the beaches to the peak at 1095 meters. However, if you like steep, south-facing and therefore sunny mountain sides, so there are few peaks that can compare to this! Lofoten.com least have nothing against the combination and definitely had one of the year's highlights so far this season. See also separate tour description for this top, and more, in our top tour guide!


Lofoten.com by Fred Åge Hol. Yet one piece back to the top! Strand peaks in the background. Photo: Olav Solberg


Here it is not so far from the top, on the other hand, it is steep, so steep that the skis have the sack soon ..


Soon up!


Top of Sætertind; known for its many buildings and structures! Just currently dressed like artwork!


Steep warp drive in half-meter powder ..


It is these moments that makes you understand why .. Olav cost me the powder, while Steigen mountains far back there watching it all!


In short, a fantastic day on the mountain!