• En opplevelse for livet
    En opplevelse for livet
  • kongsviktinden
    kongsviktinden En heftig topptur på kongsviktinden
  • kongsviktinden
    kongsviktinden Heftig topptur på kongsviktinden

"Tunnel" on Taraldsviktind.


Nature-made tunnels in the mountains is not every day for us.

Torghatten's like a tourist attraction known precisely because of its hole straight through the mountain.

Tunnel Taraldsvik peaks are probably not as spectacular as the outside Brønnøysund, but still! Lofoten.com took the trip to see if the tunnel was possible to go through the winter, and that was it. But there are steep there, up to 40 degrees, and even steeper on the other side of the tunnel, so take time with crampons if you want to take the trip for us! With a little more snow is probably also possible to drive through the tunnel on the ski, but when we were there it was really hard, so it is not tempted!

Taraldsvik peaks is a seemingly modest hill, with its 777 meters. In addition, it has one pair, three immodest neighboring mountains that demands attention! Both Strandstind, Kongsviktind and Sætertind the peaks are noticed, tall, pointed and dramatic as they are! Taraldsvik peaks are somehow more .. flat, at least from most angles, in addition, it has therefore not height with them. But if one goes up between Mølnskardtinden and Taraldsvik peaks, when the mountain gets a completely different character! Then you see the mountain very cross out, with steep chutes, cliffs and precipices. In addition, one finds that the mountain actually offers a nature created tunnel! The picture of Taraldsvik peaks can see the tunnel to the left of the image.


Tunnel seen from below.


Here Sondre and others come through the tunnel. We look Tjeldsundet below us, a few hundred meters further down.